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Theodore and I went into the woods with Magik the Corgi. It was during the holidays when there was a down pore of rain for many days. The trails where we usually walk were thick with moisture, the sponge like moss absorbing and holding the dampness.

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We headed down one well walked trail, but Magik had something else in mind. He led us across a stream, down a deer trail, next to a hidden brook. He scooted around and behind the hill, in his way circumventing the usual path.


With so much rain, there was an abundance of mushrooms, and Theodore had his camera ready to capture the moment.


It was much darker and moister back here than the usual trails. The moss covered some of the oak trees from head to foot, making the holes in the trees, mystical portals to Other worlds, visible.


Theodore focused on getting close-ups, seeing a world vibrant with Nature Spirits.


Magik’s nose sniffed out the trail that lead us to bones woven around branches. I wondered how long they had been there. They felt old.


I pressed forward, Magik staying with me, Theodore lingering behind, looking through different lenses to see the richness, and mystery of this place.


Magik and I stopped to look at a grove tree, one that was a single tree once and probably very large, an ancient tree, now hollow in its center yet branching out with children and grandchildren around it.


I wondered how far the trail would go before it got too thick, and entangled with poison oak for us to explore any further.


Ahead we saw it, this majestic old Oak covered with moss. I sat at the bottom and began to Sound Heal. Magik was out of sorts that day. Maybe it was all the busy-ness of the holidays, but he was eating every single bay nut he could sniff out in a frenetic sort of way. He finally settled at the bottom of the tree and surrendered to the earth as I sounded for him, sweeping hand movements gently caressing his soul.


It wasn’t until we got home and looked at the photos that I saw the creature sitting near the top of the oak, like a Guardian of the Oak or the woods, hunched over, four legs and wings. It is easy to let my imagination soar with images of moss, leaves, mushrooms and trees.


Magik gifted me that day by receiving a Sound Healing session in the woods. For the adventurer of the heart, I offer Sound Healing Hikes, individual Sound Healing Sessions in the woods. Magik is not the only client who enjoys them. Although I have to say he gives me a pretty good testimonial with his joyous, spirited smile.


Interested in a unique experience, a Sound Healing Hike, a Sound Healing Session in the woods? Email me for costs and details: Soundhealher@comcast.net.


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Our Christmas had been wet, moist, full of waterfalls and mushrooms. New Years Day was a “change of scenery”. Theodore and I went to Point Reyes. When we leave Marin and head for Point Reyes with the winding roads, rolling green hills, sitting stones, and munching cows everything slows down, nature imbues my thoughts and feelings with sweet ease.


We strolled around town for a bit and then headed to what seems to be a wildlife or bird sanctuary. Theodore and I have spent the holidays taking photos and sound healing in the woods. New Years Day was a change. It was full of warmth, the countryside, barns, the Bay and families picnicking together and laughing.


The path was wet and muddy but not for the heron whose solitary stance had an air of majesty. The ducks waded in the pond as unaware of a cat spying on them from the bushes as we were.


We didn’t notice the cat until we zoomed in on the blurry photo later. Watching the heron, for a moment time stood still, then with a quick inhale of breath wings spread out and the majestic bird took flight.


From a distance, geese honked, and flew over head in formation, one lagged behind.


The barn was empty, its white washed walls a stark contrast from the blue sky, waving green grass, and sunlight peek through branches and kissing water.


White heron, white barn stood out as touchstones in a vast landscape of rolling hills and people like us who came to commune with nature. Here it was easy to feel a sense of belonging with nature and each other. A deep sense of peace filled me.


One family stood out in particular. Two boys, a baby and a couple were sharing a picnic, then walked, while mom took photos. What a beautiful way to share New Years Day together. The boys walked near us toting a heavy, picnic basket and complaining that their parents were taking too long. I smiled remembering such days with our daughter.


When we passed the couple, the husband commented on how one of the hills was like a hill in Australia. He called it the Point Reyes version of that hill.


We thought that’s actually what it was called. The wife laughed and said, no, her sweet and creative  husband just made it up. We laughed too. That’s probably how some hills get their names. All the laughter attracted the boys and from there on they seemed to enjoy their walk more. Again, I took a moment to appreciate  the beauty of family and nature together.


I started the morning feeling peace and gratitude and ended the day feeling peace and gratitude, perhaps for different reasons, but nature is always at the heart of it all. Happy New Years.

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