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Magik the corgi and I started our adventure the other day going down a popular trail. We bumped into a woman and her skinny, long-legged dog who only will eat when walking on the trail. She was telling me about an old couple she bumped into down another trail and how they were bickering over their new dog. The dog was too big and too much for them to handle so the woman spoke up and suggested they take the dog back to the Humane Society.

I was amazed that she had such courage to speak up on the dog’s behalf — that she had voice. She doubted herself. I said, “You spoke up for the dog — that matters.” Then she looked back and said, “Where’s your dog?” Of course Magik was nowhere to be seen. “Oh he’s probably munching down a bunch of bay nuts.” Sure enough my predictable corgi was munching away. I come into the woods to exercise, he comes out for the smorgasbord. Smile.

So I back tracked, headed back from where we came until I saw the bridge where this woman had bumped into the old man and old woman. Ok, so I figured they were long since gone and the path was clear. Magik and I crossed one bridge, headed towards another when we saw them. Well actually at first, I heard them. The old woman was singing. What a delight that was. Her hair was white and seemed to glow, her face too seemed white with glowing light and she held a big purple-blue purse on her shoulder. Her husband tried to reign in Tessa, but was slipping and tripping. Tessa was dubbed a black lab, but she was much bigger than any black lab I have ever met. She defiantly had control of the situation, as she tugged at the leash the old man slipped and slid down a declining path. He almost fell, got so mad he hit the dog. Stunned, I watched as they walked by.

I thought about the woman earlier on the trail, and how she had voice, and I really desired to do the same thing. I couldn’t just do nothing. So I headed back from where we came and sure enough down the main trail was the old couple with their new dog. I approached them just as he was getting frustrated with the dog again. They told me how they just got her at the Humane Society the day before, and she wasn’t trained yet. I spoke up and suggested that maybe she was too much for them and that maybe they should return her and get a smaller dog. He protested and said, “Oh no. I love her.” So I suggested that they go to the Humane Society that day and ask for help, that way the dog would receive support and so would they.

I’m not sure if they ever did. I hope for Tessa’s sake as well as their own that they did get help. When I walked away from them I stood a little taller and moved more confidently. I had voice around an issue that mattered to me.

I wonder if we are sometimes afraid to get involved in the world around us because we are afraid of what might happen, but if we do get more involved, I wonder what positive impact we could have and what wonderful changes in our world we might see?


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